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Successfully move your employee information from spreadsheets to an easy to use HR software and do more with your time.


Everything you need in one HR software

Everything you need within a top-notch user experience, say goodbye to spreadsheets. Say hello to Acmopeople


An employee experience platform to rethink communication, engagement, recognition, and rewards, and so much more


Automate the entire onboarding experience-even before it officially starts-to make new hires' first day great.

People HRMS

Powerful, proven, comprehensive HR solution delivers all the tools HR teams need to manage the entire employee lifecycle.


Save Time and Money

Automated Core HR solution provides business perks like decreased costs. An HR employee has more time on more meaningful tasks, while a company has increased savings.

Give your most valuable asset to your employees

The software which you can handle every
business transaction in a single system

Approve Requests

Get notifications for all approvals that require your action. Speed up the entire approval process and streamline communication.

Track Attendance

Request and approve time-off requests with ease, visualize absences in real-time with shared Out-of-office Calendar.

Personal Data

Access your personal employee records, including job contracts and documents. Upload and edit files on the go.


Empower and engage high performers by setting clear goals and streamlining employee appraisal and feedback processes. Focus on productivity, creating a thriving company culture.

Employee Self Service

Increase employee engagement, create ownership, save time/costs, and improve collaboration with Employee Self Service (ESS) and Manager Self Service (MSS) portals.

Powerful Features

Why Use Acmopeople Solution?

With a wide variety of core HR services on the market

Track of Employees

Stay Aware of how many employees work for the company/department what roles are occupied?

Enhanced Analytics

Create different types of reports or dashboards, adjust them according to your personalized business needs.

Solution Alternative

Offers cloud and on-premises solutions: make a choice depending on your budget and business needs

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